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Beautiful and durable, our concrete coating options make sense for everything from showroom floors to factory floors.

Commercial Concrete Floor Coatings in Memphis, TN

Protect the investment you’ve made in your commercial properties by protecting the concrete in and around your buildings. Memphis Coatings Company expertly installs commercial floor coatings that can stand up to heavy traffic, constant moisture, industrial equipment, and the many other challenges of a commercial space.

Some companies offer inferior materials in order to cut costs, but we insist on using only award-winning concrete coatings. For residential customers, we offer both epoxy and polyurea floor coatings, but to meet the demands of commercial spaces, we only install our top-rated polyurea concrete floor coatings for our business clients. No matter the type or size of your space, we’re able to deliver cost-effective solutions.

Pool deck coatings

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Commercial concrete coating - outdoor basketball court for Mississippi Valley State

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Durable, Low-Maintenance Commercial Floor Finishes in Your Favorite Style

From small businesses to large commercial buildings, we deliver high-quality flooring that looks great and is built to last. From start to finish, our factory-certified experts will be by your side!


Your showroom has to make a good first impression on customers, and we make it easy with polyurea floor coatings in custom colors that match your branding. Choose a gloss or matte finish for the perfect sheen!


For a business that’s all about making people feel beautiful, an attractive setting is a must, and our coatings are the ideal way to beautify your space. Plus, they are stain- and chemical-resistant, so harsh dyes and other hair products won’t damage the coating.


For a kennel, an easy-to-clean floor is vital. Our polyurea coatings offer performance that’s superior to concrete paint and epoxy floor coatings. Ask about our Formcove system that prevents bacteria from lingering in the junction where the floor meets the wall.

Locker Rooms

Locker room floors are often wet, which poses a significant slipping hazard to your guests. Our polyurea coatings have a uniform slip-resistant surface that reduces this risk, and they last much longer than epoxy painting!


Factory floors need to be able to stand up to heavy machinery, spilled chemicals, and continuous foot traffic—and our coatings fit the bill! No matter the daily hazards at your operation, our floors are up to the task.


No matter the size of your warehouse, our coatings provide even coverage throughout the space. Polyurea coatings can withstand temperature changes and resist both abrasions and chemicals, so it’s easy to see why they are a smart choice.


Restaurants need floor coatings that are beautiful enough for the front of the house and tough enough to stand the heat of a commercial kitchen. Let us demonstrate our custom colors that match your brand and our abrasion-resistant floors that can handle dropped pans without damage.


Hallways, classrooms, dorm rooms, gyms, bathrooms, and labs are some of the areas of a university campus where our concrete coatings are a smart choice. Create a cohesive look throughout your facility and reduce maintenance requirements with our premium flooring products.

Sports Courts

Outdoor basketball courts, tennis courts, pickleball courts, and other sports courts need a concrete coating that can stand up to daily abuse. Let our team lay down a custom designed sports court to match your school or team colors - along with logos and stenciling! Contact us to get started

Commercial Concrete Coatings, Expertly Installed and Covered by the Best Warranties in the Business

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Premium Concrete coatings are made in the USA and are incredibly durable and easy to maintain.

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Thanks to our partnership, a limited lifetime warranty protects your investment in commercial concrete coatings.

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One-day installations and fast cure times mean you can resume full use of your space quickly.

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