What Are the Two Most Common Types of Coatings for Concrete Floors?

What are the most common types of concrete floor coatings?

No doubt you’ve heard of the many benefits of concrete floor coatings for your Memphis home, business, or industrial space. From protecting against dents and scratches to making your floors easy to care for, concrete floor coatings are a must-have. So, what are the two most common types of coatings for concrete floors? Memphis Coatings […]

Signs You Need to Refinish Your Garage Flooring

Signs you need to refinish your garage flooring

Garages serve many purposes in homes. Some use it to park their car inside, offering shelter from the storms. However, many people use their garages for other uses, such as a workshop, home gym, or even a play area for the kids. If your garage floor is looking the worse for the wear, it might […]

Concrete Floor Coatings vs. Epoxy Coatings: Which Is Best for Your Home?

Polyurea vs epoxy floor coatings

Different types of concrete floor coatings can be confusing for homeowners in the Memphis area. Luckily, Memphis Coatings Company is here to help. Our team offers the best in residential floor coatings, and we are here to offer helpful advice and make recommendations based on your particular flooring and goals, as well as answer your […]

What Are Concrete Coatings?

What are concrete coatings?

Memphis Coatings Company is a locally owned floor coating company that offers residential and commercial polyurea and epoxy floor coatings. From garage floors and patios to locker rooms, factories, and universities, we’ve got your floor coating needs covered. But what exactly are floor coatings? Continue reading to learn more, and call us for a free […]

Does Concrete Coating Installation Boost Home Value?

Polyurea garage floor coating

Home improvements serve many purposes, primarily to make your home more comfortable and convenient for your needs. Another great benefit of home improvements is that they can boost your home’s value. Memphis Coatings Company offers concrete floor coatings in Memphis for your needs. Learn about if its installation will boost your home’s value and call […]

Expert Tips for Post Commercial Floor Coating Care

Commercial floor coatings and concrete polishing

Memphis Coatings is all about providing the best commercial floor coatings for any business across Minnesota. Efficient and highly durable, our signature products are built to last and look great along the way. However, it’s important to note that prioritizing proper care to ensure these last for a long time is a must. Thankfully, we’ve […]

Why Concrete Coatings Are Considered the Ultimate Pool Deck Coatings

Pool deck coatings

Having a pool is a wonderful luxury, especially when it gets hot here in Memphis. However, having a pool can be a lot of work and it is a liability if you have small children or pets. Concrete pool deck coatings are a great way to not only make your pool look more aesthetically pleasing […]

How Our Commercial Floor Coatings Will Improve Your Business

How Our Commercial Floor Coatings Will Improve Your Business ​

The floor in your business is likely something you don’t often think about unless you have to. However, the coating you choose for your floor makes a huge impact on your wallet, on safety, and on first impressions. At Memphis Coatings, we provide the best commercial concrete floor coatings in Memphis. Here are four ways that the finish on your floor improves your business. Contact us today to get a free quote!

Memphis Coatings is Your #1 Concrete Coating Company in Memphis

Garage floor coating project

At Memphis Coatings, we provide the highest quality residential and commercial concrete floor coatings in the greater Memphis area. Whether you own a restaurant, want to finish your garage, or protect the floors of your warehouse, we’ve got you and your floors covered! Continue reading to find out why we are the #1 concrete flooring company in Memphis. Contact us today for your free quote!

Why You Should Leave Commercial Floor Coatings To The Pros

Yellow floor coating application

Finishing your floor is a large undertaking. Whether you have a massive warehouse or a restaurant kitchen, it’s important to pick the right people to do the job. While it can be tempting to try and refinish your flooring on your own, it is most likely best to hire a professional to get the job done well. At Memphis Coatings, we specialize in both residential and commercial flooring. Here are several reasons why we recommend hiring a professional to finish your commercial flooring. For more information about our services, contact us today!